Research Center

We would like to introduce the research center which guarantees high quality exceeding that of famous international brands, based on independent technology, quick and accurate research equipment, and the techniques of professional research professionals.

Summary of Research Laboratory

Gang-Il Cospharm Co., Ltd. Research Laboratory which fills skin with confidence

Based on years of accumulated knowhow, the research professionals of Gang-Il Cospharm Co., Ltd. focus on professional research and development, and deploy all research power for product quality (texture, safety, stability) for safe products for the consumers.

Research Laboratory No. 1

In order to create safer and more effective cosmetic products, Gang-Il Cospharm Co., Ltd. repeats ceaseless research such as skin type analysis, form development, etc.

Research Laboratory No. 2

By operating a special machine analyzing room equipped with state of the art equipment, it presents the highest quality products quickly and accurately.

Tour of Research Laboratories

Research and Development Division

The cradle of new products, research and development activities are repeated until a new product is developed. With the objective of diversification of form and increase in absorption, outstanding texture of cosmetics are researched.

Quality Assurance Division

To guarantee outstanding quality, thorough inspection is performed to detect heavy metals or microorganism.