Production and Manufacture Division

We would like to introduce the large scale production facilities equipped with the best, the most advanced, and the newest equipment.

Production facilities summary

The area of the production

The Production and Manufacture Division in an area of 1,650㎡ consists of the production room, manufacture room, and office. A systematic network system for technical marketing, production, manufacture, etc., is established in order to precisely and tidily produce and manage the ordered products, and it is doing its best for the satisfaction of consumers through production of high class products using strict quality control system.

Production and Quality Control System

Factory Interior

The production room, filling room, packaging room, etc., are connected by hallways, and front rooms are available for locations where such space is necessary.

Production Room

Using emulsifiers of capacity 500kg and 200kg, we produce cream, emulsion, and toner products.

Packaging Room

Products developed by each machine move along each conveyer line into the packaging room for packaging work.

Emulsion, cream filling device
Tube filling device, emulsion filling device

Filling Room

The filling room is equipped with tube filler sealer, cream, emulsion, and toner filling device, small quantity filler for filling small sized samples, mask pace filler, and sealer.