Gang-Il Cospharm Ideology and philosophy

Welcome to our homepage!

We are proud to be located in the city of Gangneung, surrounded by the dense forest of Daegwallyoung and the Happy700 seaside of the East Sea. This unique area known for its sea, lake, and mountainous regions was the inspiration for the creation of ECOSTHE.

Making the first step is the most important part when doing something new. So we took on the challenge in making the world more beautiful without the fear of failure in the creation of ECOSTHE.

Through reliable research and development, we have the goal of taking the beauty of nature and giving it to everyone in the world. We will always put in our best effort in being able to deliver health and beauty from nature to humankind.

Management Spirit

We are always ready to accept the challenge.

Corporate Philosophy


Basic Management

A reliable company that sticks to the basics.


Customer Management

A company that provides the best products and services to customers by putting them first.


Ethical Management

With respect to the ever-changing traditions, cultures, and landscapes of the world, we seek to achieve total cooperation in our mutual development,